It is with great honor that we serve those who serve us twenty four hours a day, including holidays.  Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line protecting us from tyranny and crime in our communities.  They work when it’s cold, raining, and dark so that we may enjoy the safety we take for granted.  Let’s make sure we give back to the ones who serve us unconditionally, every day, so unselfishly.

When a law enforcement officer is injured, Wounded Blue Inc. is prepared and willing to provide emotional, physical, and financial assistance to the individual and their family. Wounded Blue Inc. also provides job re-training support for those officers who are unable to return to the police work force.

Wounded in the line of Duty


∙ Financial Assistance

∙ Counseling/Coaching

∙ Legal Assistance

∙ Financial Planning

∙ Family Support

∙ Handicap Conversions

∙ Response Assistance

Mission Statement


∙ To aid and encourage the recovery of Wounded Law Enforcement Officers and their families throughout the state.


∙ To uphold the ethical practices of the profession through character and integrity.